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Elko, Nevada, United States

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KH Designs Jewelry

Specializing in upscale elk ivory and turquoise jewelry

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We strive to make your jewelry personal, unique, functional and beautiful. Ring sizes must be exact. We don't offer sizing services. Kim can send you a ring sizer if you don't have access to one, or know your size.  An approximate wrist size is needed when ordering bracelets.  We require 25%, non refundable deposit down on custom orders.  Prices vary! Just zap Kim and inquiry, and she will give you an approximate quote. Time, materials, and artistry are all considered when KH Designs are priced. Each handmade piece, is an artistic treasure, that exudes quality and style!

sending your elk ivory


Do not bleach, peroxide, boil, or try to clean your ivories with any other harsh chemicals!! Place in baggie, securely insert into padded envelope or box. Tape and ship to Kim, with a minimum of some type of tracking. Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS work fine.

 Please contact us directly for shipping info. When your ivory arrives it is marked and secured to your special order form. YES, your ivory gets used in YOUR jewelry!

Anything you want we make


Kim specializes in Elk Ivory Jewelry, but she makes everything, and anything! Handmade, substantial and beautiful.  Sterling silver, 14k gold, stones, turquoise from Nevada, and Mexico, precious stones, diamonds, and much more are used to fabricate wearable art.... Metalwork, beyond reproach!

As KH Designs popularity has grown, so has the lead time. It may vary with the season, so check with Kim. Every order is welcome. Kim has a modern western collection at J.M. Capriola in Elko, Nevada, as well as her design line!